2014 Range Schedule




Meade Rod & Gun Club Range Dates for 2014

To get to the range, you must use the Piney Orchard gate. There is NO admission through main Ft Meade gates. You must be at the gate at the gate time specified on the schedule.


East on 175 toward Odenton,

Right onto Piney Orchard Pkwy,

Right onto Riverscape Rd,

Left onto Range Rd.,

Stop at Gate.

See range descriptions below the schedule.


DayRangeGate TimeShoot TimesRO/RSONotes

January 2014

February 2014
Sat 2/08Rg 508000900-1630 hrsTBD 

March 2014
Sun 3/09Rg 808000900-1630 hrsLosierMD Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Class

April 2014
Sat 4/5Rg 108000900-1630 hrsEstesWWII Qual

May 2014
Sat 5/10Rg 108000900-1630 hrsLosierClub Shoot

June 2014
Sat 6/14Rg 908000900-1630 hrsTBD

July 2014
Sat 7/12Rg 508000900-1630 hrsLosier
Sun 7/13Rg 508000900-1630 hrsEstesHunters Education

August 2014
Sun 8/17Rg 108000900-1630 hrsTBDClub Shoot

September 2014
Sun 9/21Rg 107000800-1600 hrsEstesCMP M1 Garand Match

October 2014
Sun 10/19Rg 107000800-1600 hrsEstesCMP M1 Carbine

November 2014
Sun 11/02Rg 507000800-1600 hrsEstesHunters Education

December 2014
Sun 12/07Rg 907000800-1600 hrsTBD

Range Descriptions


1 Rifle range and that has shooting locations at 100, 200, 300, 500, and 600 yards. There are 20 working target frames measuring 5x5 feet. The club supplies our own frames, targets and lane markers. No magnum ammo or .50 cal rifles allowed except for .50 cal muzzle loaders. Lead Allowed

2-8 Pistol ranges that go out to 50 yards. Rifles are allowed but no magnum ammo or .50 cal rifles except for .50 cal muzzle loaders. 2-4: Non-lead (Frangible) only
5: Lead allowed.
6-7: Non-lead (Frangible) only
8: Lead allowed.

9 Rifle range that has shooting locations at 100, 200, and 300 yards. There is one target frame measuring 5x5 feet. The frame is already there but members can bring their own targets if they wish or the club can supply. No magnum ammo or .50 cal rifles allowed except for .50 cal muzzle loaders. Lead Allowed